Theodore "Theo" Chase IV

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Age: 22
DOB: pending Astrological sign: pending

Profession: Junior student/ Resident Advisor (RA)

General Personality:

Confident. Calm. Collected. More emotionally mature than his fellows.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: Stella Vanderhoff
Favorite color: black
Favorite drink: southern comfort

Favorite food: Italian

Hobbies & Interests:surfing the web, tennis, karate, partying, chess


Theo's Background:

Although he loves his family Theo feels trapped and hemmed in by them. He is the fourth of his family to carry his name and he is trying to find his own place in the world. His younger sister Daphne has been accepted at Quinlan and he is always willing to spare time for her. He enjoys being an RA and he and Morgan are best friends who often get into dangerous situations. He is considering traveling around the world after graduation and possibly setting up a business that he and Morgan can run.

Snapshot Quote :

"Do you think that's wise?"

Theo: romantically speaking...
Theo is has been dating Stella Vanderhoff for the past year. He's getting a bit tired of her attitudes and isn't certain he is going to keep seeing her. Her hints about weddings have unnerved him greatly.

Theo: physical facts

Head: volks goh head Hair: pending Eyes: pending Body: volks goh