Terrence "Terry" Waterstone III

Terry-placeholder image



Age: 21
DOB: pending Astrological sign: pending

Profession: junior student

General Personality:

Low key, mellow and laid back. Terry is open minded and willing to lend a hand when asked. Intelligent, he lacks self discipline and prefers to slack off.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: none
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite drink: any kind of soda

Favorite food: graham crackers

Most prized possession: bong

Hobbies & Interests: playing bass guitar, jamming, smoking pot, camping, Role playing games, hiking, cooking


Terry's Background:


Terry: romantically speaking...
Terry's getting over a messy break up with Mona Gray, a senior student who dumped him over the summer. He tries not to dwell on it and consequently smokes a lot of pot. He's turned down a "pity date" that Nik arranged for him and has started hanging out in the park.

Terry: physical facts

Head: volks go head Hair: brown mohair Eyes: grey Body: volks goh