Tara Lynhurst




Age: 22
DOB: TBD Astrological sign: TBD

Profession: Junior 3rd year student/ Resident Advisor (RA)

General Personality:

Thoughtful. Fashionable. Craves attention and will go out of her way to get it.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: she has crushes on Seth Melbourne & Morgan Renfield & Nik Andrastos
Favorite color: green & bright blues
Favorite drink: screwdriver

Favorite food: bagels & cream cheese

Hobbies & Interests: shopping, camping, modeling, fashion, photography, partying


Tara's Background:

Coming from a family in which there has been zero talented children Tara's invitation to interview and later attend Quinlan came as a surprise. She has worked hard to maintain her 3.0 gpa but doesn't really like the classes she has had to take. She and Stella Vanderhoff became good friends during their freshman year despite differences in social and financial backgrounds and Stella's own prejudices. Now in her junior year Tara isn't sure what lies in the future and is hopeful that the job placement the university promised will be good.

Snapshot Quote:

“I’ll tell you, being an Resident Advisor this year is great! It’s giving me-and Stella-the chance to be recognized for how much work we did the last two years…Last year was really rough what with the demon that those stupid girls summoned in the bathroom. Talk about a mess…Exploded pipes, water all over–and Shasta–the RA for the hall was unconscious. Stella stepped in and I-well, of course. I helped. That’s what best friends do. She also inspires me to try harder at whatever I do…My future? Umm....

Tara: romantically speaking...
Tara has a number of crushes but hasn't been able to snag any of the guys she is interested in. When she heard that Jillian was possibly interested in Seth she spread a rumor that Jillian was a lesbian and sleeping with a member of the school faculty.

Tara: physical facts

Head: volks old style C head Hair: orange Eyes: blue Body: volks excellent / beauty B