Stella Alexandria Vanderhoff




Age: 22
DOB: August 23rd Astrological sign: Virgo

Profession: Junior student / Residence Assistant (RA)

General Personality:

Stella's main concern is Stella. She's got a hard edge to her personality that forces most people to either love or hate her. She likes to be in control and knows how to delegate when necessary.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: Theo Chase (currently)
Favorite color: green
Favorite drink: white russians

Favorite food: Italian

Hobbies & Interests: shopping, movies, cycling, yoga


Stella's Background:

Stella has been at Quinlan University for three years and in that time she has made quite a mark for herself. She is one of the top students and is a favorite of many of the instructors. She works hard at being a good student although she has been known to apply sabotage to her rivals' projects to ensure that she achieves the better grade. The Vanderhoff family is old money and old magic and Stella is particularly proud to be part of it. She has an uncle on the University's Board, and her younger sister Lori is newly accepted as a freshman student.

Snapshot Quote:

“It’s only right that they appointed me as RA for the hall this year. And of course Tara too. She’s so dependable. I believe that friends can be invaluable–as long as you choose the right ones. Am I popular? Oh, I don’t like to boast…but yes. I’m never lacking for dates, study partners, or people who just want to bask in the glow that is me. (small smile). I’ve made Dean’s List every semester. I’m in the top 2% of the 3rd years. I plan to be in the top 1% before the year end. Did I mention that I’m studying with the intention of going into the legal field? What? Lori? She’s my little sister. Am I going to treat her differently? (chuckle) Hardly. As long as she follows the rules of the university, and the ones of the hall, she’ll be fine. Otherwise - she’ll learn the hard way. She’s bright though, so I’m certain if she wants to break the rules she won’t get caught. After all It’s all about being caught. Just like life.”

Stella: romantically speaking...
Stella is currently dating Theo Chase and thinks that he may be "the one" for her. She likes his family, his inheritance (which is almost as large as hers) and the fact that he looks very good beside her.

Stella: physical facts

Head: volks old style C head Hair: platinum blonde Eyes: amber-brown Body: volks excellent B