Seth Melbourne

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Age: 19
DOB: April 22nd Astrological sign: Taurus

Profession: sophomore student

General Personality:

Good natured, stubborn,

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: pending
Favorite color: blue
Favorite drink: coffee

Hobbies & Interests: camping, partying, travel


Seth's Background:

Seth comes from Providence, RI. His family owns a shipping company and he is following the family tradition in attending Quinlan University. He has been friends with Nik for most of his life and considers him as close as a brother. He adores Eff and allows her to wrap him around her finger without even realizing it.

Seth: romantically speaking...
Seth dates occasionally but hasn't found a girl that has interested him enough mentally or physically for him to see her more than once.

Seth: physical facts

Head: volks go head Hair: platinum blonde Eyes: green Body: volks goh