Rupert Kane

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Age: 18
DOB: January 26 Astrological sign: Aquarius

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

Adventurous, funny, and trendy. Rupert is something of a joker and doesn't take things very seriously.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: pending
Favorite color: pine green
Favorite drink: black & tan

Favorite food: Italian

Hobbies & Interests: video games, dating, playing practical jokes, partying


Rupert's Background:

Rupert's family is a large one and he is always running into cousins. He grew up in Shelburne, MA and a large portion of his family is situated there. The only son of Wallace and Mabel Kane he has an older sister, Mehitabel who has moved to Boston to practice medicine. His cousin Claudia is also attending Quinlan University.

Snapshot Quote :

Life's about having fun, getting what you want and dying.

Rupert: romantically speaking...
Rupert loves being admired and thinks he is the sexiest thing going on campus. His confidence and attitude seem to attract members of both sexes.

Rupert: physical facts

Head: volks N head Hair: dark brown & ash brown Eyes: Brown Body: volks excellent N