Raven Kohle


Raven's ever-present backpack


Age: 16
DOB: October 7th Astrological sign: Libra

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

Shy and quiet, Raven longs to be confident, popular and pretty. Raven does her best to get by without being noticed, as she believes that notice = mockery. She feels like an outsider and is a loner by necessity (perceived) rather than choice. Raven is insecure and uses food to feel better. She is an emotional eater and won't leave the house without her backpack & the emergency food she keeps in it. Wherever she goes she always has some form of food or snack with her. She stuggles with her weight and her love of junkfood.


Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: none
Favorite color: blue, black, purple
Favorite drink: coca cola

Favorite food: fatty, deep fried foods. Ice cream. She loves candies & anything that's sweet.

Most prized possession: LARP Arwen-type LOTR dress she made w/ her best friend Jean.

Hobbies & Interests: Writing, Reading fantasy novels, playing role playing games. She likes plants & gardening. Raven has a blog "Ravings of a Raven" which she updates periodically.


Raven's Background:

When she was a child, Raven's parents dragged her on archeological digs all over the world & often had her have an on-site tutor rather than attending public schools. Her social skills are poorly developed for dealing with others her age. When she finally entered public in 6th grade, she was completely out of her depth socially. She was used to interacting with adults more often than teenagers and she suffered for it. It was during that same time period that her body started to mature and "blossom". To her embarrassment she developed a chest larger than any of the other girls in the school... it was horrible. Her chest drew a lot of attention--catty remarks from the female students, and lewd, sexually suggestive comments from guys.

Raven experienced months of mockery until she met Jean Warner, one of the girls in the arts-clique at the Jr. High School. They became fast friends. They hung out often, and Raven even joined some of the same school clubs--including Arts-online and Splat--the school club for painting and sculpture. Their friendship grew and when Raven's parents went on an extended dig to Ubekistan they left her in the care of Jean's family. In their extended absence Raven passed from Jr High into Rochester High School. This allowed her to continue classes at Rochester--rather than being forced to relocate to another state with her older sister Shay.

Since then, Raven is Angry and bitter that Shay waltzed into her life and turned it upside down. Raven is not happy to be attending Quinlan. She had hoped to attend High School for her senior year and to graduate with Jean. While Raven loves Shay, and respects her, she doesn't really feel the desire to please her--only to keep from getting admonished by her. When Shay told Raven that she was going to attend Quinlan University, rather than being excited or interested in it, Raven felt shock and depression. She wasn't allowed to blink before Shay dragged her across the state and stuffed her into a round of studying and books that Raven feels buried under. She misses her friend, she fears that Quinlan will be a hellish experience. And that maybe, just maybe the worst part of it is that Shay is going to be one of her teachers and that she won't lay off on her and is bound to make an example of her in class--no matter if she does something right or wrong.

Raven :romantically speaking...
Raven finds guys are fascinating but too difficult to understand. She is a romantic at heart and doesn't think that most guys are. Shay is keeping an eye on her and has made it clear that dating is not to be one of her priorities while at Quinlan University.

Raven :physical facts

Head: Obitsu type 1 head Hair: Black w/ blue streaks Eyes: green Body: volks excellent hybrid