Parker Keegan

Mallory at Work



Age: 20
DOB: November 7 Astrological sign: Scorpio

Profession: sophomore student

General Personality:

Very social and outgoing Parker loves being in the midst of the action. She's always open to new experiences. She is fun-loving & is willing to take chances. Although Parker is generally nice she has a tendency to be self-centered and not being conscientious regarding the needs or wants of others. She can easily switch between being the tom-girl to a girly-girl when she wants to.

Miscellaneous Facts: Parker loves roleplaying and LARPing and is very open about it. She is the vice-president of the campus club. She is always trying to get new people to join up & will sometimes wear her costumes to class.

Significant other: none at the moment
Favorite color: Pink & silver

Favorite drink: Ice Tea or Coke or Pepsi

Favorite food: Pizza or KFC

Most prized possession: Sewing machine

Hobbies & Interests: Costume design, Ancient Egypt, Fantasy & SF novels, Acting, LARPing, Reading, Camping, Comics, Anime, Manga


Parker's Background:

Parker is from Bangor, Maine. She's the eldest of two children, and has a (much) younger brother named Kieran (age 10). Although the gene for magic ability does run in her family it was unexpected when she began displaying talent as a teen. Parker is very proud that she has the ability and feels a certain superiority over those "non-gifted" people and students at Quinlan.

Parker is an intelligent girl but only a decent student but she doesn't apply herself. She is more interested in having fun (if learning is fun she is happy but she hates the more monotonus classes and will zone out, often by sketching ideas for costumes or coming up with gaming scenarios.

She is good friends with Astrid Neubauer, Mallory Watson, Devin Thayer, Terry Waterstone & Floyd Greyson.

Parker :romantically speaking...
Parker is always interested but is actually quite shy in taking action on her crushes. While confident in most aspects of her life she isn't always willing to put her heart out there. Currently she is crushing on Tristan Minot.

Parker: physical facts

Head: obitsu head Hair: blonde, pink, purple Eyes: nile green Body: volks excellent A