Niklos "Nik" Andrastos

Nik at DragonCon

playing with the millenium falcon


Age: 19
DOB: November 10th Astrological sign: Scorpio

Profession: sophomore student

General Personality:

Down to earth and laid back, Niklos (or Nik as his friends call him) has a strong interest in mythology and is hoping to further his studies in both. Very athletic and active he is more than popular with the girls and he is always out on a date. Although a good guy he can't quite shake off the ego boosts that being desired gives him. He likes girls and having a good time, but doesn't have a serious girlfriend--mostly because he doesn't want to be tied to one girl when there are so many out there....

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: "flavor of the week"
Favorite color: green
Favorite drink: beer

Favorite food: california rolls

Most prized possession: i-phone

Hobbies & Interests: Star Wars, comics, mythology, archeology, tennis, video games, partying


Nik's Background:

He is both proud and annoyed that his younger sister Effrosini is attending the same college. Nik dislikes her habit of commenting on his "girlfriend" of the moment—especially if she doesn't meet his sister's standards. He and his friends like to party and have fun and he tries to make certain that Eff doesn't end up at their parties....He's good friends with Seth Melbourne.

At Quinlan he's finding there are new pressures being placed on him during this, his sophomore year. His parents expect him to keep an eye on his sister and keep her in line. His professors and Instructors are expecting more from him and it means putting in longer hours and actually doing more research and work than usual. He's particularly glad this year that Mallory is around to lend him a hand when he needs it--since she is much better at finding things in the older parts of the library archives than he is..

Nik: romantically speaking...
Always popular with the girls Nik is never without a date. He's too into playing the field to settle on any one girl, possibly is a committment phobe.

Nik: physical facts

Head: volks goh head Hair: black Eyes: blue Body: volks goh