Morgan Renfield

Morgan Renfield


Age: 22
DOB: July 2nd Astrological sign: Cancer

Profession: junior student/ Resident Assistant (RA)

General Personality:

Intelligent and moody. Morgan takes himself too seriously and is given to a "poetic" temperment. He likes to brood. He’s known among his fellow students for his moodiness and unpredictability. As far as his professors are concerned Morgan is talented and very focused and has a good chance of being accepted as a graduate student if he continues in that vein. .

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: Dates occasionally
Favorite color: black
Favorite drink: rum & coke

Favorite food: Cheese

Most prized possession: photo of him & his parents together

Hobbies & Interests: Photography, music, ancient history, video games,


Morgan's Background:

Currently in his 3rd year as a student at Quinlan University. His appointment as an RA was unexpected but he is pleased with the chance to prove himself. .

Morgan grew up under the care of his parents until the age of 10. At that time, his mother was involved in a fatal car crash and it was just him and his father. Adjusting to life without his mother was hard, and it apparently grew to be too difficult for his father as well, since he committed suicide. Being parentless within the space of a year, Morgan was then shuffled off to his paternal uncle, Paul Renfield. Taken into his uncle's family, Morgan grew up very aware of the fact that he wasn't as "special" or important as his cousins were. Academically, Morgan was their superior and did excellently in classes --always earning top scores and awards for his projects.

When it came time for Morgan to select a university to attend, he was given next to no choice at all by his uncle. Both his father, his uncle, and almost the entire paternal side of the family had been educated at Quinlan University and there was no question at all about his attendence. Morgan had wanted to attend the IIEAA but his uncle's threat to withdraw all financial support (he controls Morgan's trust fund until the age of 26) forced Morgan to give in. He concentrates on working hard, studying harder and making some friends and enemies along the way.

Morgan:romantically speaking...
Considered attractive (after a fashion) Morgan dates frequently. He prefers women with attitude, who are fiesty and self-assured.

Morgan:physical facts

Head: volks goh head Hair: navy blue Eyes: green Body: volks goh