Merrit Daniels

Merrit  with Triumph Bonneville



Age: 18
DOB: October 28th Astrological sign: Libra (on the cusp w/ Scorpio)

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

By turns overly optimistic and cynical, Merrit is muddling his way through college trying to find a place of his own. Often angst filled and hormonal his native optimism buoys him through his frequent clashes of bad-luck. He is independent and is used to taking care of himself. Merrit is outgoing and outspoken at times. He hates injustice and unfairness and is not above being sneaky to even the score if someone's done him wrong. Merrit has three loves so far: girls, music and chemistry...

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: hopefully soon?
Favorite music: Ska, Punk, Classic Rock
Favorite drink: beer

Favorite food: pizza

Most prized possession: guitar

Hobbies & Interests: playing pool, music, partying, women, watching tv


Merrit's Background:

Merrit comes from a single parent family. His mother, Janet, works as an english teacher at Holbart Middle School. She is unwilling to tell Merrit about his father other than to admit that her alcoholism is related. She tries hard to give Merrit the basics in life but it has been a struggle. She is proud of her son and that he was accepted to Quinlan. Unfortunately, Janet is also very stressed most of the time and is somewhat erratic in her contact with him---Its enough for Merrit to know that at the end of the school year he has a place to stay and someone who loves him. He doesn't ask for much more than that, and because of that, he's never disappointed in her.

Although Merrit has been the recipient of a scholarship he's trying to get a part-time job to help pay for the necessities of life: soda, guitar strings & cheetos. He hasn't been having much luck so far in finding one, but he's hopeful that once people look past his mohawk they'll realize how great he'd be for the job.

Merrit :Romantically speaking...
As much as he'd love to go on a date he's not in high demand from the girls on campus. Merrit is struggling to find a girl interested in him--he's interested in all of them and is jealous of his roommate Nik's ability to have just about any girl he wants..

Merrit: physical facts

Head: volks N head Hair: blue wool Eyes: blue-green Body: volks excellent N