Karly Stuttgart




Age: 18
DOB: August 16th Astrological sign: Leo

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

Kind and generally good-hearted Karly is the epitome of a well-bred young woman—in public. She is sympathetic and empathetic towards others & is very stable emotionally. She is very interested in fashion and theater. Karly does have a tendency toward being a "neat freak" and her desire for neatness & order can sometimes come across as being OCD.

Miscellaneous Facts:
Favorite color: turquoise
Favorite drink: whatever's handy

Favorite food: Japanese, French, Italian

Most prized possession: credit card

Hobbies & Interests: Fashion, Travel, Shopping & good food


Karly's Background:

The only child of wealthy German industrialist Rutger Stuttgart and his former fashion model wife, Lilli, Karly has had to meet and exceed her parent's high expectations all her life. Her parents are demanding and have placed her under large amounts of pressure since she hit puberty and her gifts began to manifest. Karly feels emotionally distant from her family and believes they are only interested in her for her abilities and for what it might mean with regard to forging alliances with other families. She considers her parents narrow minded as they do not choose to recognize her choice of same-sex partners and continually harague her about it.

A true heiress, Karly can expect to live a life of jet setting and holidays well beyond the reach of most people she meets at Quinlan. She lives in luxury, and thinks nothing of a weekend in Paris, or Hawaii according to her mood. Although wealthy, Karly is willing to help those who need it—provided it is genuine need and not an attempt to bilk her by playing on her sympathies.

Karly: romantically speaking...
In terms of romance and relationships, Karly is very open minded. She's usually willing to give people the benefit of a doubt. She is a lesbian and prefers girls with long hair & nice legs.

Karly :physical facts

Head: volks new style C head Hair: silver Eyes: blue Body: volks excellent A