Jeremy Millais


Age: 18
DOB: March 13 Astrological sign: Pisces

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

Laid back and mellow Jeremy doesn't believe there's much in life worth stressing about. He doesn't care about being popular he just wants to go his own way. He's semi-geeky and enjoys comics, rpgs, video games & LARPing.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Favorite color: he likes them all
Favorite drink: beer--if he can't have that, then coke

Favorite food: if it's not nailed down he'll eat it

Hobbies & Interests: surfing, swiming, comics, rpgs, video games, WoW, Larping


Jeremy's Background:

Jeremy's family is from Coral Springs, Florida. His acceptance to Quinlan was unexpected but welcome. His parents feel it's a positive thing since his emerging talents need training and they aren't in any position to do it..

Snapshot Quote :

Whoa, what's that? Huh. Hey, are you gonna eat those cheetos?

Jeremy: romantically speaking...
Jeremy hasn't been very active on the dating scene but thinks that will change now that he's attending a bigger school with a lot more girls. He's generally confident and thinks he's a pretty good catch. He knows he isn't every girl's ideal of sexy, but he has no doubt that they'll be interested once they get to know him.

Jeremy: physical facts

Head: volks old style C head Hair: black Eyes: blue Body: volks excellent N