Janet "mom" Daniels

Merrit  with Triumph Bonneville



Age: 39
DOB: February 1 Astrological sign: Aquarius

Profession: English Teacher

General Personality:

Janet is a friendly woman who is happy to help others when needed. Hardworking and dedicated to her job she enjoys teaching. She is a functioning alcoholic.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: none
Favorite music: classic rock, contemporary rock-easy listening
Favorite drink: vodka

Favorite food: whatever

Hobbies & Interests: gardening, sleeping late, drinking, writing


Janet's Background:

Although original and inventive Janet has had a difficult life. She is a friendly woman who is happy to help others when needed. Janet, works as an english teacher at Holbart Middle School. She is unwilling to tell Merrit about his father other than to admit that her alcoholism is related. Despite his many pleas to do so she stoutly refuses treatment--declaring that it is a form of medication. Janet tries hard to give Merrit the material things in life but their life is run on a shoestring and he often has to do without. She is proud of her son and that he was accepted to Quinlan. Unfortunately, Janet is also very stressed most of the time with work and is somewhat erratic in her contact with him.

Janet will not admit it to Merrit but his father has made repeated contact with her over the years asking for information about his son.

Janet :Romantically speaking...
In all the years that have passed since she had Merrit Janet has never dated. She has had a few one night stands but nothing more. She chooses not to date because she feels old and also fear that they would be judgemental about her drinking problem.

Merrit: physical facts

Head: Obitsu head Hair: brown mohairl Eyes: blue-green Body: Takara CG 2.0