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Are you curious about the people who live in & make up the Quinlan Chronicles?

If so, this is the place to look! Here are the profiles of various students, faculty members & other who live or work in Quinlan. They are in vaguely alphabetical order by given name.

These are updated occasionally and may be added to or edited at later dates.

Last updated: 12/14/2013

Abbey Strassen
Alexandra Ryles
Alisha Grant
April Bishop
Astrid Neubauer
Bree Fessler
Claudia Carsten Kane

Christopher Chaffee

Daphne Chase
Devin Thayer
Effrosini Andrastos
Felicity Pierce
Floyd Greyson
Holly Cabot
Isambard Ramsey
Jeremy Millais
Jillian Carmichael
Karly Stuttgart
Kennedy Williams
Lori Vanderhoff
Mallory Watson
Matt Kaplan
Merrit Daniels
Morgan Renfield
Nik Andrastos
Oscar Emerson
Parker Keegan
Piper Cabot

PK Kirkham

Raven Kohle
Rupert Kane
Seth Melborne
Shayna Demarco
Sterling Blake
Stella Vanderhoff
Tina Capriani
Tara Lynhurst
Terrence Waterstone III
Theo Chase IV
Tristan Minot
Verity Minot

Zach Mayer

Cameron Blake

August Taschen
Bianca Ashford
Calder Grey
Christopher Arden
Damara Slater
Daniel Heike
Elizabeth Parry
Gwen Danforth
Imogen Stafford
Ishani Patel
Jameson McKay
Julien Frost
Lilith Porter
Meline Mair
Paloma Taranti
Shay Kohle
Thom Tazzo
Vivienne Marcelle
Yseult LeClerc
Severine St.Clare
Ridley Yeager
Shelby Ann Spingle
Alison Dumont
Balthazar Black
Cass Okuda
Denise Hatton
Gil Parks
Giselle Weston
Janet Daniels
Kendall Le Fanu
Marlene Jones
Marissa Moriarty
Nicole Parson
Perry Cahill
Sebastian Gavreau
Taylor Behr
Tori Taranti
Tova Hanssen
Vanessa Lennox
Salome Wen
Daphne Chase
Renata Wingate


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