Holly Cabot



Age: 20
DOB: March 21 Astrological sign: Aries

Profession: Sophomore student

General Personality:

Holly is all about Holly. She's charming when she wants to be and cruel when she feels like it. Holly loves fashion & fun and never has a shortage of popular friends on hand. Piper Cabot is her twin (younger) sister and when they are together Holly is the dominant twin.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Foreign languages : french (badly)
Favorite color: gold
Favorite drink:cafe au lait

Favorite food: french & chinese

Hobbies & Interests: fashion, Men, Shopping, Museums & art, Dating, Mocking the Fashionless


Daphne's Background:

The eldest of twins, Holly has always been determined to get her fair share out of her parents and more whenever possible. She's prone to being pushy and having tantrums when she isn't getting her way. Her family comes from old money and have sent her to Quinlan to follow family tradition rather than other considerations. Although she and Piper are twins they are not identical and they are often found bickering with each other.

Holly is a fair to middling student but isn't particularly motivated to do well. She's at Quinlan to socialize, shop and spend her parents' money. She thinks she wants to be a museum curator in NYC or Paris when she graduates.

Holly: romantically speaking...
Holly is not dating anyone exclusively and tries to have a different escort for each event she attends. She is however very interested in getting something going with Nik Andrastos.

Holly: physical facts

Head: old volks C Hair: yellow Eyes: leaf green Body: volks excellent b