Effrosini "Eff " Andrastos



Age: 18
DOB: November 26 Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

Effrosini loves to have fun & take risks. She is interested in doing well academically but is determined to have a good time at college as well. Optimistic and good humored Eff is constantly on the move and loves being surrounded by excitement and fun. Her family owns a multinational chain of restaurants and she is allowed a moderate allowance to do with as she wishes, until she is old enough to access to her trust fund.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: lots of potentials!
Favorite color: royal blue
Favorite drink: chocolate milkshakes

Favorite food: spinich pie

Most prized possession: ?

Hobbies & Interests: Tennis, Flirting, Dating, Shopping, Camping, Movies


Effrosini's Background:

Eff comes from Providence, RI and is a member of the third generation of her family accepted to Quinlan University. She is the youngest daughter of Anna & Stavros Andrastos, and she has 2 older siblings, big sister Phaidra and big brother Nik. Raised with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, Eff has never known want or financial hardship.

She has spent most of her time in boarding schools around the world, frequently changing schools when her antics have created too much of a stir. Her parents shake their heads over their "darling baby's" antics. While attending Strathmore Academy in Andover, New Hampshire she met Karly Stuttgart and the two became fast friends and partners in mischief.

Eff is excited to be attending Quinlan University. She's grown up on gossip and stories about other graduates, of whom her family knew or was related to. She's even more thrilled that Karly was also accepted in and hopes that the two of them will be able to room together.

Effrosini :romantically speaking...
More interested in drama and soap operas than sports (except tennis!) Effrosini has a new crush each week. She is constantly adding to herl pack of male admirers as well—which she constantly teases with promises. Eff enjoys flirting and is not above "stealing" another girl's love interest if he appeals to her. It is the unspoken expectation of her family that she will meet and marry an eligible young man of good family while at Quinlan, like her cousins have done before her. While Eff has no intention of doing that, she plays the part of a dutiful daughter to her parents when home for visits. .

Effrosini:physical facts

Head: volks new style C head Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Body: volks excellent B