Astrid Elizabeth Neubauer

Mallory at Work


Age: 21
DOB: October 13 Astrological sign: Libra

Profession: sophomore student

General Personality:

Astrid is confident and willing to have a go at whatever comes her way. Astrid is quite competitive academically. Magically speaking she is quite talented in producing spells and enchanments extemporaneously and is not above flinging spells at those who annoy her. Not overly concerned about how other people think of her, Astrid could happily exist as the only inhabitant of a deserted island. She has no problem being confrontational and direct about things that bother her (people, situations etc.). Astrid is always up for adventure and often will pull her friends into doing "capers" that often skirt or outright break the local laws or university rules--and is rarely caught due to her reputation for being a model student.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: none at the moment
Favorite color: Varies by mood but predominantly vibrant jewel tones & black

Favorite drink: Coke

Favorite food: Pizza

Most prized possession: Camera

Hobbies & Interests: Photography, Ancient Egypt, Romance novels, Acting, LARPing, Reading, Camping, Comics


Astrid's Background:

Astrid comes from Chicago where she was raised by her paternal grandparents Joseph and Eleanor Neubauer. Her father works on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and her mother died when she was 12. At that time Astrid moved in with her grandparents and her father continued his job (then in Alaska). She has no siblings and spent a good part of her childhood running free and "exploring". She stumbled into a friendship with the curator of a private antiquities collection who exposed her to ancient egyptian mythology. Astrid was fascinated. That fascination has grown and changed as she's studied other cultures and mythologies but it continues to drive her course of studies.

Astrid's social circle is selective. She wants to be surrounded by like-minded people of any age or sex and will go out of her way to find them. She doesn't count too many of the students on campus as "friends" so much as aquaintances. If she counts someone as a friend she'll move the earth to try to help them if they need it.

Astrid :romantically speaking...
Astrid's always got an eye out for guys she likes but isn't terribly bothered about "hunting" them or "catching" them. She has the occasional boyfriend but so far nothing serious. She has a crush on a senior faculty member but hasn't acted on it. She's aware of the fact that Devin Thayer is interested in her but choses to ignore it.

Astrid: physical facts

Head: volks old style C head Hair: blue with inked roots Eyes: green Body: volks excellent J/Neo hybrid with an adjusted bust (made smaller & less perky)