Alison Dumont



Age: 36
DOB: September 30 th Astrological sign: Libra

Profession: Cafe owner/Small business owner

General Personality:

Alison loves physical pleasures and enjoys the finer things in life. She is interested in the arts and enjoys painting and trying her hand at different things. Alison is also a very tactile woman who enjoys physical contact. She spent her early life as an exotic dancer and retired when she turned 27. She's happy to settle into an everyday routine of running her cafe, seeing friends and going on the occasional trip for fun.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: August Taschen
Favorite color: cranberry red
Favorite drink: red wine, white russians

Favorite food: Pastry!

Most prized possession: 21 Lark St.

Hobbies & Interests: baking, cooking, gardening, being pampered, going to spa getaways


Alison's Background:

Once an exotic dancer, Alison moved to Quinlan seven years ago and decided to open her own business. She is really proud of the fact that she invested the money she made when she was younger and was able to buy the property outright. She bought 21 Lark Street with the intention of living in the two upper floors of the building and using the ground floor as a cafe that caters to the artsy crowd in Quinlan.

She has a silent partner, Vincent Rathborn but he does not have a stake in the premises as she rents it out to the business. While she is currently co-owner she is working on finding the funds to buy out her silent partner. She does some light catering (baking & desert related only) to help meet her financial goals. Lately a lot of her energy has been channeled toward the refurbishment of the cafe. She's hoping that all the work and money she's been putting into it will pay off and that it will become even more popular than it is now. She has a pretty comfortable living in a nice city and good friends.

Alison: romantically speaking...
Alison is happy to go along with the flow of what life throws at her in most respects. She is very stubborn though and when she picks her battles she rarely loses them. She has had some lovers that she regrets letting go from her life, but these days her love life is occupied by August Taschen.

She's been seeing him for more than a year now, and despite what her good friends say, she continues to do so. (Her friends think he is using her and that he can't commit emotionally to their relationship). She likes that he is very dominant and strong, and makes her feel very feminine. Alison is in denial about the problems with their off-and-on again relationship and some of the conditions that August imposes on her (such as he can see multiple women but she shouldn't see other men). Her friends hope that she can see him for the jerk that he is...but if she ever will is open for debate.

Alison:physical facts

Head: volks new style C head Hair: white Eyes: pine green Body: volks excellent E