Alisha Raquelle Grant

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Age: 21
DOB: September 5 Astrological sign: Virgo

Profession: Student (Junior)

General Personality:

Determined and extroverted Alisha will bulldoze her way through any obstacle between herself and her goals. She has a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor. She likes to have fun and is always happy to be in the whirl of social events

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: Off-and On with Matt Kaplan
Favorite color: Gold & Cream
Favorite drink: Vodka Gimlet

Favorite food: French

Most prized possession: ?

Hobbies & Interests: Socializing, travel, fashion


Alisha's Background:

She comes from a large family in Boston. Her parents are both magically gifted and raised her to be aware of her talents and to accept that she is supposed to be a success in life. Alisha has two brothers who work in LA & in Boston.She has an avid interest in politics and is intrigues by all the deals and brokering that go on behind the scenes. She plans on landing a position with one of the major lobbyists in DC. Although she's friendly, Alisha doesn't go out of her way to put other people at ease. In the time since she started at Quinlan she's made a reputation for being able to perform flawlessly under pressure.

Alisha: Romantically speaking...
Alisha has an off-and-on relationship with Matt Kaplan. They're currently "off" but that can change at any time. At the moment Alisha is doing a semester at Caledon University and is off campus.

Alisha: physical facts

Head: obitsu Hair: generation girl nichelle's rerooted into obitsu Eyes: brown Body: obitsu coconut