Alexandra "Alex" Ryles

Alexandra Ryles



Age: 18
DOB: June 3rd Astrological sign: Gemini

Profession: freshman student

General Personality:

She's image conscious, self-centered, opinionated and fashionable--and thinks the world should be hers on a platter. Bossy and arrogant, Alexandra does have a good side, but one has to look past her snobbish attitudes to find it. Alexandra is used to looking good & making sure that everyone knows just how good that is.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Favorite color: purple
Favorite drink: white wine

Favorite food: croissants

Most prized possession: stock portfolio

Hobbies & Interests: yoga, shopping, spas, tennis, swimming


Alex's Background:

The only child of industrial financier Gabriel Ryles and wealthy socialite Monica Ashdon, Alexandra's been spoiled her entire life. She has spent much of her life observing the way the family conducts business and is expected to inherit many of the family investments. Her father holds the controlling shares in the Avedoc corporation and her mother is a daughter of wealthy, Conneticut based Ashdon clan. Both of her parents attended Quinlan University and were married and Alex expects to find her future husband there as well. Her parents have made it clear that they expect her to do well and have offered her the promise of her own corporate research division if she does well at school.

Snapshot Quote:

"My friends call me Alex, but you can call me Alexandra."

Alex: romantically speaking...
Alexandra is superficial when it comes to looks and is only willing to date good looking or handsome guys. She only flirts when genuinely interested in a guy as a prospect but is willing to "fake it" with a guy below her standards if there is something she needs or wants from him.

Alex: physical facts

Head: Obitsu head Hair: ash brown w/ low lights Eyes: violet Body: volks excellent B