Abagail "Abbey" Strassen

Abbey at Work


Age: 19
DOB: March 24th Astrological sign: Aries

Profession: student/ "market researcher"

General Personality:

Abbey is fun loving & friendly and one of the girls who always seems to be in the midst of whatever is going on. She dislikes snobbish people but realizes that they're something that she needs to deal with. She can be secretive at times and doesn't like to cause others hurt or embarrassment.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: "Dom in Boston"
Favorite color: pink
Favorite drink: tequila

Favorite food: Italian

Most prized possession: credit card

Hobbies & Interests: shopping, camping, kareoke, partying


Abbey's Background:

She's friendly, and tries to include everyone around her in having a good time. Her grades in high school suffered more from partying than any lack of intelligence. Since attending Quinlan University, Abbey has managed to pull a mix of B's & C's but finds it difficult to apply herself while working part time. Although currently a so-so student, Abbey has real talent when it comes to enchantments. She hopes she might have a future either as a small business owner or a corporate witch.

Because Abbey's family isn't too well off she has to work her way through her education at high-priced QU. In her first year of college she applied for a part time secretarial position at the Angel Agency. The pay offered was excellent and she thought it would be a good way to pay for her living expenses while at QU. While working there she was made aware of the fact that the agency offered services beyond those of social escorts. Although initially uncomfortable with the idea of working for such a place Abbey couldn't turn down the steady paycheck and the fact that the owner was willing to work around her school hours. Abbey's friendly phone manner and pleasant attitude interested many of the agencies clients. After many repeated inquiries, Paula offered Abbey a contract at a rate that Abbey could hardly refuse. Abbey's parents don't realize that their eldest child is working as an escort and would be horrified if they found out.

She's not proud of what she does to pay for her tuition at Quinlan, and does her best to keep it a secret. Professionally she is known as "Mina". When asked about her part-time job she claims she is doing market research for the Angel Agency.


Abbey:romantically speaking...
Abbey doesn't tend to go on many dates. This is primarily because she feels that if her part-time profession were revealed it would either hurt them or they would think she was a slut. Abbey flirts a lot and is friendly to all the guys but has made it pretty clear that she's not interested. When asked she claims an older boyfriend (named Dom) in Boston.

Abbey:physical facts

Head: volks new style C head Hair: "golden brown" Eyes: green Body: volks excellent B